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Definitions of "dog ave too much yawd guh a bed without suppa"

1. dog ave too much yawd guh a bed without suppa

English Translation

People with too much resources often end up with nothing in the end


Literal translation - Dog that have too many homes is going to bed without supper

Example Sentences

Patois: Son : Mummy mi ago round a uncle Tony fi dinna
Mom: Dog ave too much yawd guh a bed without suppa

English: Son: Mom I'm going to uncle Tony for dinner
Mom: You might end up without dinner tonight

Related Words

One, one coco full basket , Mi cum yah fi drink milk, mi no cum yah fi count cow , Every hoe ha them stick a bush , Wah sweet nanny goat ago run him belly ,

posted by trulyredd on March 8, 2016

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