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Definitions of "Rasta man"

1. Rasta man


a male that practices rastafarianism (may or may not wear a dreadlocks)

Example Sentences

Patois: Bob Marley did a rasta man suh mi nuh think him did nyam pork
English: Bob Marley was a rasta man so I don't think he ate pork

posted by arhbwoy512 on November 29, 2018

2. Rasta man (Noun)

English Translation

Rastafarian man


A male that practices Rastafarianism ( may or may not wear a dreadlocks).

Example Sentences

Patois: Di rasta man a bun fiyah pan di police
English: The Rastafarian man is rebuking the police

Related Words

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posted by anonymous on October 31, 2013

. Rasta man Pictures

Kymani Marley