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Definitions of "fenkeh fenkeh"

1. fenkeh fenkeh

English Translation

very poor or without impact


it is a degratory word often used against people we hate or look down on

Example Sentences

Patois: Im hav ah fenkeh fenkeh attitude
English: He has a poor attitude

Related Words

batty bwoy , Blabba mout , Cut eye , Fiyah bun ,

posted by preence on January 5, 2015

2. fenkeh fenkeh (Adjective)

English Translation



to be excessively particular, demanding or hard to please

Example Sentences

(patois) Yu cyaan be too fenkeh fenkeh if yu waah a job right away
(english) You can't be too choosy if you want a job right away

posted by bioshatta on April 29, 2013

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