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Definitions of "Sawkka sawkka" (Vulgar)

1. Sawkka sawkka

English Translation

Cut through or have sex.


1). To cut through something roughly.

2). To have sex in a rough manner.

It was adopted from Hausa, a language spoken in West Africa and some parts of East Africa.

Example Sentences

Patois: 1). Cum kuu pan ow di man ah sawkka sawkka di meat.
2). Di bwaay ova derr tel I se im matey did ah sawkka sawkka im baad ti im tun weary.
1). Come look at how the man rouhghly cut up the meat.
2). The boy over there told me that his side-chick had rough sex with him until he got weary

Related Words

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posted by CongoKalungaGangalee on July 5, 2015