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Definitions of "Nuh muss"

1. Nuh muss

English Translation

Of course

posted by anonymous on September 28, 2023

2. Nuh muss


Nuh muss is an expression used to show confidence in knowing something or the ability to do something

Expression of sertenty.

Example Sentences

Patois: "Yuh bredda know how fi fix di wata pipe" "Im nuh muss know how fi fix ih".
English: "Does your brother know how to fix the water pipe" "Of course he knows how to fix it."

Patois: "Yuh know mi sistah" "Mi nuh muss know yuh sistah, wi did guh skool togedda"
English: "Do you know my sister" "Of course I know your sister, we went to school together"

posted by Lionheart on March 10, 2017

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