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Definitions of "Matey" (Slang)

Spelling Variations : matie,

1. Matey

English Translation



The woman that your significant other is cheating on you with is ; our 'matey'.

Related Words

Bow , Buddy , Bun , c**k it up ,

posted by anonymous on March 27, 2024

2. Matey (Noun)

English Translation

Side chick


Slang term for a female that is neither a male's wife or girlfriend who has sexual relations with the male while he is in another relationship.

Example Sentences

Patois: Katie anno mi real gyalfren, she a mi matey
English: Katie is not my real girlfriend, she is my sidechick

Related Words

Hot Steppa , Baby madda , Badman , Bait ,

posted by anonymous on September 16, 2013

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