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Definitions of "Hype" (Slang)

1. Hype (Adjective)


A term used to describe someone who is extravagant, showy, or seeking attention, often associated with boastful behavior or exaggerated actions

Example Sentences

Patois: Di artist deh pon a hype ting, him always a talk big
English: The artist is on a hype thing, he's always talking big

posted by anonymous on August 19, 2023

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Other Definitions of "Hype"

2. Hype (Adjective)

English Translation



Term used to refer to someone who is unbearably conceited or c**ky

Example Sentences

Patois: Eva since him get him degree him get hype
English: Ever since he got his degree, he has gotten c**ky

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posted by anonymous on March 22, 2014

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