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Definitions of "Hot head" (Slang)

Spelling Variations : Hothead,

1. Hot head

English Translation

Quick-tempered person


Someone who gets angry quickly

Example Sentences

Patois: Di hot head bwoy always inna trouble.
English: The quick-tempered boy is always in trouble.

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posted by anonymous on June 14, 2024

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Other Definitions of "Hot head"

2. Hot head (Noun)

English Translation

Hot tempered


Slang term for a person that gets angry or agitated very easily. This person normally let their emotion gets the best of them and as a result, fights a lot and screams very loudly in front of people. In movies, characters with this type of personality are always the first to die.

Example Sentences

Patois: Di hot head dem start a war inna di club yestideh
English: The hot tempered persons started a fight in the club yesterday.

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posted by anonymous on October 21, 2013

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