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Definitions of "Galang"

1. Galang

English Translation

Go on


To continue in a direction

Example Sentences

Patois: Galang dung di street
English: Go on down the street

Related Words

Roun deh suh , Ova deh suh , Unda deh suh , seet it ova deh suh ,

posted by anonymous on May 24, 2024

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Other Definitions of "Galang"

2. Galang

English Translation

Go away


Go away or to leave as in dismissed

Example Sentences

Patois: Weh yuh nuh galang?
English: Why won't you leave?

posted by lengotti.myers.3886 on August 1, 2016

3. Galang

English Translation

go along / get on with

Example Sentences

Patois: Galang bout yuh business
English: Get on with your buisness

posted by OBOYTEE22 on April 29, 2016

4. Galang

English Translation

go away

Example Sentences

Patois: Yuh pickney galang, wi deh hav adult buisness

English: You kid go away, we're having adult issues

posted by RealSnipG on June 10, 2015

5. Galang

English Translation

go along

Example Sentences

Patois: I man galang wid mi plans
English: I'm going to go along with my plans

posted by dihigrade on December 7, 2013

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