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Definitions of "Dutty Gyal" (Slang)

1. Dutty Gyal


A woman who sleeps around

Related Words

Bow , Buddy , Bun , c**k it up ,

posted by anonymous on January 31, 2024

2. Dutty Gyal (Noun)

English Translation



Derogatory term for a young female. This female normally exhibits undesirable characteristics such as lack of hygiene, poorness, rude, cruelty, tackiness, or use of drugs. The literal translation of “dutty gyal” is “dirty girl”.

Example Sentences

Patois: Shi a dutty gyal, shi hav five pickney fi four different man
English: She’s a skank, she has five kids for four different men

Related Words

batty bwoy , Blabba mout , Cut eye , Fiyah bun ,

posted by anonymous on September 16, 2013

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