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Definitions of "Dem"

1. Dem (Pronoun)

English Translation


Example Sentences

Patois: Dem a di karec one
English: Those are the correct one

posted by anonymous on September 5, 2019

2. Dem (Pronoun)

English Translation


Example Sentences

Patois: Dem a cum
English: They are coming

posted by anonymous on August 23, 2019

3. Dem

English Translation

They, them

Example Sentences

Patois: Dem a cum now
English: They are coming now

posted by Elise on July 15, 2019

4. Dem

English Translation



used to pluralise nouns, sometimes used even with words that are already in plural form.

Example Sentences

Patois: Mek sure seh yu get all a di book dem
English: Make sure that you get all the book

Patois: Watch how di people dem a gwaan!
English: Look at how the people are behaving!

posted by JamGirl on June 1, 2014

5. Dem (Pronoun)

English Translation


Example Sentences

(patois) wholla dem
(english) All of them

posted by anonymous on April 25, 2013