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Definitions of "Batty hole" (Vulgar)

Spelling Variations : Battyhole,

1. Batty hole

English Translation



Expression used to refer to the anus

Example Sentences

Patois: Dat man luv f**k batty hole.
English: That man loves to f**k assholes

posted by CongoKalungaGangalee on January 1, 2014

2. Batty hole (Noun)

English Translation

Ass hole


Slang expression for anus. It is often used as a generic swear word used to describe someone that is being arrogant, rude or obnoxious.

Example Sentences

Patois: Yu know seh yuh a real battyhole?
English: Do you know that you are a real asshole?

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posted by anonymous on September 16, 2013