Wah di pree?

Have you ever wonder what the meaning of "Pree" is and why Jamaican's used this word so much? You've come to the right place, In this article we will be exploring the origin and usage of the Jamaican Patois verb "Pree".

For those who may not know, Jamaican Patois is a creole language that has been influenced by English, African and Spanish languages, and it's spoken by many Jamaicans. It's a part of our cultural identity and sets us apart from the rest of the world with its unique dialect.

And when it comes to unique, let me tell you, "pree" is one of the most unique Jamaican Expressions.

What does "Pree" mean?

Pree, when used as a verb, is to take a long, deliberate look or a careful, focused listen.

When someone uses the word "pree," it's not just a simple request, it's a gentle but firm instruction for the listener to pay close attention to something or someone that is new, important, and significant. It's a way of emphasizing the importance of taking a careful, focused look or listen.

I must admit, this word pree is quite fascinating. I mean, it's not often that you come across a word that captures such a complex array of meanings and emotions. One minute, it can mean to look at something or someone closely and attentively, and the next minute it can mean to understand or comprehend something.

Where did "Pree" Come From?

It is thought that the Jamaican term "pree" has its roots in the English word "peer," which conveys the act of looking closely or attentively at something. The word "peer" itself comes from the Middle English term "peren," which means "to appear or look."

Over time, the word "peer" was adapted and transformed in Jamaican Patois to become "pree," which has a slightly different meaning than its English origin.

How to used "Pree"

Here are a few examples of how "pree" is used:

Example usage

Patois: "Mi deh yah a pree di vibes"
English: I'm here observing the atmosphere/energy
Patois: "Yuh really need fi pree yuh health"
English: You really need to pay attention to your health
Patois: "Him always a pree har"
English: He's always paying attention to her
Patois: "Pree dis riddim yah"
English: Pay attention to this riddim

In all of these examples, "pree" is used to convey the idea of looking closely, observing, contemplating or paying attention to something or someone.


So, whether you're a Jamaican native or simply a lover of language and culture, pree is a word that deserves your attention. Take the time to pree the world around you, to truly see and understand the people and places that make it so fascinating. And who knows, you might just discover a whole new way of being in the process.