Are you curious about how to swear in Jamaican Patois? In this article, you will learn some of the most offensive Jamaican curse words. Please use them mindfully and only when necessary!

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Let me just add a word of caution before we continue:This article contains vulgar and offensive language. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED OR A MINOR, PLEASE DO NOT READ FURTHER..

But if you’re not easily offended, go right ahead and check out the list of Jamaican curse words.

Be mindful of these

  • Cursing is generally considered offensive and insulting, but it can be used in a casual setting among friends without causing offense. In fact, a little bit of swearing can sometimes be funny.
  • Curse words can show what a group finds rude or cares about. Learning these words gives a glimpse into how they think together.
  • The translations here are just approximations of the Jamaican curse words. Slang terms can have different meanings in different parts of the English-speaking world
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Lesson 1: List of Jamaican Curse Words

Curse Words English Translation or Equivalent
Bumboclaat Goddamn it! Fuck!
Bloodclaat Fuck!
Suck yuh mada Perform oral sex on your mother
Raasclaat Fuck!
Blood Fiah What the hell
Wah di raas What the fuck
Pussyclaat Fuck!
Bumborass Asshole; dumbass
Rhaatid Holy shit!
Raas Ass
Bumba Holy Crap
Bloodcleet Fuck
Batty hole Asshole
Raashole Asshole
Pussyhole Son of a bitch
Bloodseed Goddamn it!
Bumbo Fuck
Bumbowhole Motherfucker
Fuckery Bullshit
Blow wow Holy crap
Blousenawt Darn
Nanny raas Grandmother's backside
Blurtneet Oh my god
Blurtnawt What the hell
Badmind pussyhole Envious Motherfucker
Battyclaat Ass Cloth
kiss mi raas Kiss my ass
Batty Head Asshead
Kakaclaat Shit Cloth
Kaka Feces

Lesson 2: Using Jamaican Swear Words in a Sentence

Jamaican Patois English Translation
Bumboclaat!, mi hand bruk Fuck! My arm is broken
Lak yuh bloodclaat mout! Shut your fucking mouth!
Pussyhole, guh suck yuh madda Motherfucker, go and fuck yourself
Shut yuh raasclaat mouth Shut your fucking mouth
Wah di raas! Sumady teif mi bloodclaat kyar What the fuck! Someone stole my fucking car
Pussyclaat! Wah mek yuh duh dat? Fuck! Why did you do that?
Weh di bumborass yuh did guh wid mi kyar? Where the fuck did you go with my car?
Rhaatid! A weh dat cum from? Damn! Where did that come from?
Wah di raas wrang wid yuh? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Bumba! Mi ring drap inna di sink Holy Crap! My ring fell into the sink

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That was a lot of curse words, huh? Jamaicans sure have a way with words.

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