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1. Good 'ole a dweet

English Translation

good vagina is best


When a woman declares 'good 'ole a dweet' she is stating (in a very vulgar fashion) that she can keep any man because her vagina is good

posted on February 25, 2024

2. Gun inna baggie

English Translation



A woman who has 'gun inna baggie ' is infected with gonorrhea. The term was made popular by a local hit song.

posted on February 24, 2024

3. Ground shovel


This is a sexual move, whereby the man penetrates the woman in a movement similar to that of scooping up something with a shovel.

posted on February 23, 2024

4. Grine

English Translation

Have Sex

posted on February 22, 2024

5. Go go whine


To move the waistline in a sensuous and sexual manner. The kind of movements men go to strip clubs to watch. Happy the woman who can do this in bed as her man will undoubtedly be home more often than not.

posted on February 21, 2024

6. Gi yuh bun

English Translation



To cheat on someone.

posted on February 19, 2024

7. Gi mi piece


When a man tells a woman to 'gi mi piece', he's asking for sex.

posted on February 18, 2024

8. Full a mout

English Translation

all talk and no action


If you're trying to tell a woman what you will do to her sexually and she tells you that 'yuh full a mout', you are all talk and no action

posted on February 16, 2024

9. Force ripe gyal


Refers to a young female who acts like she is a grown woman. Such females are usually the ones whose bodies develop at a very young age.

posted on February 15, 2024

10. Foot pon shoulda

English Translation

foot on shoulder


This is when the woman is positioned so her feet are on the man's shoulders during sex.

posted on February 14, 2024

11. Feature yuh ends


Ladies, when a man tells you he wants to 'feature yuh ends' he wants to have sex with you.

posted on February 13, 2024

12. Fat till it buff

English Translation

plump vagina


Used to describe those vaginas that are extremely plump.

posted on February 12, 2024