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Deh bout

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English Translation


Example Sentences

(patois) Yow, Mark deh bout?
(english) Hey, is Mark nearby?

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10 Jamaican pick up lines

November 3, 2016

“Baby! Gad know seh yuh deh yah? Caw yuh must be a Angel „ English Translation: Baby! Does God know that you’re here? Because you must be an Angel “Baby, you're the patty to my coco bread. „

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April 30, 2018

English Translation

Of the

Example Sentences

Patois: Mi a king addi World
English: I'm the king of the World

posted by matt.stryker.2614

April 2, 2018

English Translation



Brother; could mean direct relation or an Intimate friend

Example Sentences

Patois: A who dat? Dat a mi breddah
English: Who is that? That is my brother

posted by Champion
Deadman yard

March 27, 2018

English Translation



A place where dead bodies are buried

Example Sentences

Patois: Nuh duh nutt'n stupid, yuh wi end up a deadman yard
English: Don't do anything stupid, you may end up at the cemetery

posted by Monsta
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