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More time

- Word of the Day

English Translation

Later / Sometimes

Example Sentences

Patois: Mi wi ketch up wid yuh more time
English: I will catch up with you later

Patois: More time im gwaan like im foo fool
English: Sometimes he behaves foolish

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Overview of the Jamaican Language

July 21, 2013

When asking about the Jamaican Language, many persons are referring to Jamaican Patios, an English-lexified creole language spoken by the majority of Jamaicans locally or internationally. Jamaican Patois (or Creole) is a combination of an English based Creole language and West African based languages.

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Nah jesta

June 2, 2018

English Translation

Not joking around

Example Sentences

Patois: I nah jesta wen mi seh Babylon out fi get di dreads.
English: I’m not joking when I say the police/government is out to get the Rastafari

posted by JahMoose

April 30, 2018

English Translation

Of the

Example Sentences

Patois: Mi a king addi World
English: I'm the king of the World

posted by matt.stryker.2614
Dash dem weh

April 6, 2018

English Translation

Throw them away


Throwing Something Away

Example Sentences

Patois: Warn dem mi a guh dash dem weh.
English: Warn them that I'm going to throw them away.

posted by lincxee
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